Virtual currencies for the rest of us. Now anyone can start a transfer system with their friends, network, community, etc. Affordable software with instant setup.

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AltCoinSys is a Super Simple Transaction System

Send and receive transfers with ease. Structure your economy however you want.

More Transfers

More activities, more ways to play, more options in life.

Super Simple

Enter: to whom, how much, and a comment. Then Send.

Earth Friendly

Not like those mining machines that run and run chasing a coin.

Instant Formation

We've arranged for your altcoinsys to be setup in moments, launch today!

You Choose the value your *altcoin has

How many of your *CustomName coins do you ask per hour of your services? Are they backed by fresh vegetables? (hint hint food growers) Or perhaps it's based on faith in the church? Anyway- that's up to you. Start a virtual currency, use it however you want.

How to Start Alternative Currencies

Now there's a few clicks that'll do it.

More vids about altcoins
Grassroots economics -> The distribution and value of altcoins are up to you and yours, spend how you want to spend. AltCoinSys has a very small footprint and, get this, it's your money! Empower your local community with the natural leverage of local money and trade. Imagine a world filled with currencies. By the way, paypal let's you convert many different national currencies to others.. and convert back anytime (flow is good)

Learn about popular types of alt currencies..

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, anyone can start a currency easily. Study the words on the rockin free Jubilee album for pure, beautiful, poetic instructions. Telling you how to run alternative currencies. And check the faq below this image of freshly minted, metal based coins.

It's true that most people have more value to offer than they do money. A private virtual currency can represent any value that you the issuer assign to it, and that value might be your time providing a service or it might be Grandma Bs pies. Suddenly anything valuable becomes transferable. Let us end the manufactured dependency on the 'Federal Reserve'. Now anyone can issue 'coin' and 'credit'.
Sure. We can accept anything in a deal. Someone might work for peanuts and that's perfectly legal. Some countries have laws against using certain words like 'dollars', and may require taxes to be paid on the market value of the goods and services earned and paid for with virtual currencies. So talk to your accountant about it. Always check local and national laws for your jurisdiction.
That all depends on you. Do they trust you? Do you have a reputation for keeping your word? And if you decide to run the community currency model, can you get everyone excited about using a local currency? Can you keep a balance? There are already thousands of alternative currencies out there, do try to keep it fair and equitable. Some will fail and others will succeed, this is an ecosystem.
Not yet. This thing just started. If it catches on we'll start building payment gateways for popular ecommerce applications like magento, oscart, etc. For now, you can create simple payment buttons, and payment links. Please see the documentation for instructions.
Use altcoinsys and give feedback. Help spread the word. Get people involved with your experiment. If you have specific skills you'd like to offer to help the altcoinsys project, get in contact. Web and App developers, let's revolutionize money together. Start an altcoinsys.

Start a Currency (or a few)

Easily account for transactions with custom liquidity.
Demo and setup links inside.